Go back-to-school shopping without leaving the house

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- From notebooks and folders to glue and markers, kids need a lot of supplies as they're heading back to school.

"Now teachers are asking for all the items that they can`t get anymore. So they`re asking for the Kleenex and the paper towels  and the baby wipes and the hand sanitizer," says School-Pak Founder Terri Schulist.

Although it was over 20 years ago, Terri still remembers the stress of running from store to store to get everything her son needed for school.

"I went home and said this has been a horrible experience and I want to make it better. So now I shop for 30,000 kids instead of just 1," says Terri.

It was then Terri and her husband gene started School-Pak.

"Convenience, it`s everything the teacher wants all in one place and it`s delivered to the school or their home," says School-Pak President Gene Schulist.

Once they get the list of supplies from a school or parent they work with manufacturers to get everything they need to box it up and ship it out.

The company has dramatically grown since it began in 1992.

"At that time, I think we did about maybe 40, 50 packs that year that first year. Now we do 30,000 and we`re nationwide," says Gene.

This is the only company of its kind in Wisconsin and there's no plans to move it.

"This is our home, that simple," says Gene.

But Gene and Terri say the best part of their job is being together.

Making happy homes for students, parents, and School-Pak employees.

School-Pak will only be taking orders until Friday, to get them all delivered before school starts.

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