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Both missing Milwaukee girls have now been found safe

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — FOX6 News has confirmed with 13-year-old Sanaria Norwood’s mother that the missing girl was found Monday evening at Walker Square Park.

Norwood is one of two girls reported missing on Sunday, July 28th.

Sanaria Norwood

Sanaria Norwood

Norwood, and her friend, 11-year-old Kiara Miller were reported missing Sunday evening, after they were reportedly last seen on Saturday near Washington Park.

Police say Miller was located Sunday night by her father while she was crossing the street on the 27th Street Viaduct.

According to police, at around 4:00 Saturday, July 27th, Miller asked permission to meet up with Norwood — asking to meet up with her at Washington Park.

At 6:00 p.m., the girls returned to check in with an adult, at which time they asked to return to the park.

The adult told Miller her curfew is 8:00 — and the girls left on foot for the park.

At 8:00, the adult was at home, waiting for the girls to come home. When they didn’t show up, police say the adult noticed Miller had deleted Norwood’s contact information from her phone, so the adult was unable to contact Norwood’s mother.

Eventually, the adult attained a car and checked the Washington Park area, but was not able to locate the girls.

Kiara Miller

Kiara Miller

While Miller’s parents are relieved, Norwood’s parents Monday were still holding out hope their daughter will be found safe.

“She’s still in the same clothes she left in. She has no way to eat or drink. I haven’t stopped searching. I’m going to keep going out and keep posting these flyers,” Norwood’s mother, May Ingram told FOX6 News.

On Monday morning, Ingram and Milwaukee police followed up at Walker Square Park after getting leads from a tip caller and being told of several sightings.

“My daughter was here at this park at 10:08, and was then seen leaving this park and seen walking on South 9th Street toward Washington. We`ve gotten a couple of leads that she was on 14th and Mitchell kind of walking around disoriented,” Ingram said.

Miller’s mother, Vanessa Moralez says according to her daughter Kiara, the two walked from Washington Park to a park on the city’s south side.

“Once they figured they were out too late, then they just decide they might as well run away cause if we come home we`re going to be in trouble. They figured they knew someone`s house they could stay at, ended up they didn`t even know where the girl lived,” Moralez said.

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