Growing lemongrass, cantaloupes, dividing German Irises

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Now is the time to take care of your German irises if you want beautiful blooms next year. If it has been three or more years since you've dug and re-set your irises and flowering has decreased, mid-August is when you should take care of them. It is also how to manage those pesky iris borers.

Lemongrass is an Asian vegetable used in soups and sauces that can be grown in Wisconsin every year. If you bring a couple of stems inside to grow over the winter, you can plant them again next spring. Ours are in a barrel this year and producing well. See how to harvest and use lemongrass if it’s a new crop to you.

The cool weather has drastically delayed the melons and squashes. Our cantaloupes were harvested in June last year. This year they still need a couple of weeks to mature.

You can head to the Milwaukee County UW-Extension Horticulture page for more gardening information.