Racine Zoo holds 18th annual Classic Car, Truck and Bike Show

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RACINE (WITI) -- You'd expect to see animals at the Racine Zoo, but on Sunday, August 18th they brought out beasts of a different kind for the 18th annual Classic Car, Truck and Bike Show.

"You're going to see a lot of classic cars, you're going to meet a lot of great people and besides that, you get to walk around the Racine Zoo and check out all the animals," said Chuck McVay, the owner of a 1966 Corvette.

Over 4,000 visitors are expected for the event -- more than double the zoo's average Sunday attendance.

"Jungle" Jay Christie, President and CEO of the Racine Zoo, says guests will get a two-for-one show.

"It's a motivation for folks who maybe wouldn't have scheduled a trip to the zoo otherwise, because of their interest in cars," Christie explained.

Those participating in the car show say they can't get enough of showing off their goods.

"You kind of get big-headed I guess you would say," said Will Beadles, the owner of a 1949 Chevy Pick-Up. "You get the old 'thumbs-up' and people tell you it's a nice looking vehicle and ask you a lot of questions about it and you get a chance to talk about it."

With over 200 classic vehicles gracing the grounds, organizers estimate the show will raise more than $22,000 for the Racine Zoo.