Small businesses duped by t-shirt company

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- More than 30 complaints have been filed against t-shirt company Tko for false advertising.

Family dentist Dr. Akbar Jafferally lost hundreds of dollars in a scam involving the t-shirts. He contributed $450 to advertise on the back of shirts for a local middle school.

"I said, that was a great thing. I'm trying to give back and advertise for my office," said Jafferally.

But now... "Where are the t-shirts?" asked the doctor.

Jafferally waited for weeks without receiving his order before finally deciding to call the company.

"It would take us 12 attempts before someone would actually get on the phone. Then when someone did get on the phone, that person wasn't there," said Jafferally.

Postal inspectors soon learned Jafferally was not the only one complaining about Tko.

"Speaking with the small businesses, they were very disappointed and then they became very frustrated trying to do business with the t-shirt production company," said U.S. Postal Inspector Stephanie Harden.

The company is still in operation and Dr. Jafferally has never received his t-shirts.

"I would really like to get a refund back and for all the other people who have been hurt, they should get their money back, because we all wake up every day to earn a hard, honest living. They need to be shut down yesterday," said Jafferally.

Postal inspectors say Tko has signed a cease and desist order.

Consumers are reminded to research a company before purchasing bulk orders of t-shirts.

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  • willsue

    TKO Sports (houston,tx)& Jeff Kirk are SCAM artist. They took money on behalf of Breast Cancer awareness.
    It seems TKO Sports has fraudulently used Breast Cancer Awareness & Cy-Falls to profit. I donated $285 on Feb 17th & they never fulfilled the agreement. Logo on Cy-Falls t-shirts. They said I would get 2 complementary t-shirts in Aug, having never got them & now being Dec has raised my suspicion. They will not return emails & the one time I spoke with them over the phone, they seemed unorganized & cannot tell me where the $285 donation is or why my agreement/donation was not met. In my opinion, they have kept the money illegally.

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