Kenosha putting up signs to remind drivers not to use cell phones

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KENOSHA (WITI) -- The city of Kenosha is putting up signs to remind drivers NOT to use their cell phones in school zones -- something that is already illegal.

"The biggest thing is we are all guilty of this. We are all guilty of either texting or calling or answering the phone while we're driving," a Kenosha resident told FOX6 News.

Kenosha city ordinance already outlaws cell phone use both in school and construction zones.

"They're going to tell us in Kenosha it's just not something we're going to tolerate," another Kenosha resident told FOX6 News.

Currently, there are no signs to remind drivers of the rule in any school zones. The law is simply implied. But soon, there will be signs alerting drivers not to use their cell phones while driving.

Alderman David Bogdala said money for the signs was tight, but the city relocated more than $13,100 left over from the purchase of a minivan. That money will now be used to put up signs letting drivers know cell phone use is outlawed.

Bogdala says parents complained about distracted drivers around Nash Elementary School.

In 2011, 21-year-old Devin Kunich died after he was hit while riding his bicycle by an inattentive driver. Officials believe cell phone use played a role.

Kunich's father has been active about changing cell phone laws at the local and state level.

"With he looking at this now it's really a learning piece for him to be able to say how can we prevent this and this is a step in the right direction," Bogdala said.

Those caught using a cell phone in school or in a construction zone within the city of Kenosha will be fined $150. There is no word on the exact date the signs will go up outside the schools.

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