Authorities investigating string of robberies in Washington Co.

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WASHINGTON CO. (WITI) -- Authorities in Washington County are investigating a string of robberies that are happening in broad daylight. Officials say it seems the suspects have a clear goal.

Deputies are looking for a man and a woman, both with blonde hair and likely in their 20's. They say the pair is driving around neighborhoods, knocking on doors, and casing homes to burglarize.

If someone is home, the suspects will ask where the nearest gas station is located. In one instance, the man asked a homeowner if he could golf in the back yard.

"We're specifically looking for an older S-10 black pick-up truck occupied by both a male and a female," said Lt. Martin Schulteis of the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Resident Georgia Eusebio says about a month ago a man in the same type of truck pulled over to ask her for directions.

"If you have a vehicle like that pull up to your residence, don't confront them. Call 911 immediately," warned Lt. Schulteis.

On Eusebio's street, the suspects forced their way into an unoccupied home and stole jewelry and computers.

The Sheriff's Office is investigating at least four break-ins throughout Washington County, however the suspects have approached three other homeowners without incident.

Deputies are increasing patrols in the area to try to stop the break-ins from continuing. Investigators believe the suspects may be committing the same type of crimes in other counties as well.

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