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Heading home from the Harley 110th aboard the Lake Express

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Many of the visitors who rode in for Harley-Davidson's 110th anniversary celebration have now left town -- some of them the same way they came in, on board the Lake Express Ferry.

Over 100 bikers on Monday, September 2nd, gathered to take the Lake Express Ferry across Lake Michigan to Muskego, Michigan. This, as they reflected on their visit to Milwaukee.

"This was our fifth one -- since '93. I mean, your town's like the whip. We're from Detroit, so I mean, your town is like, it's a killer place. No craziness. No incidents," John Steffani said.

As it turned out, FOX6 News was at the ferry site when Steffani and Rick Keleel arrived in Milwaukee on the ferry on Wednesday, August 28th.

"We saw you when we got off the boat," Staffani said.

Brenda Miller came to Milwaukee from Angola, Indiana for her first Harley anniversary.

"We met people from everywhere. Everybody loved to talk and tell where they were from and everything, so it was a lot of fun," Miller said.

Many bikers are sad to see the 110th come to an end.

"Everything comes to an end. You have a good time while you're here and then when you get home you get back to your everyday life. You know, life isn't always a party," Keleel said.

The Lake Express Ferry carried 1,600 motorcycles over from Michigan for the 110th.

"Every time I looked the total kept growing and growing and growing," Lake Express spokesman Aaron Schultz said.

Schultz said the ferry is part of the celebration too.

"Kind of a gathering point as people look back at the events they took part in and head back home," Schultz said.

Some riders say they definitely want to come back for the next anniversary, and one of them said he had such a good time, he'll probably come back to Milwaukee before the next anniversary.

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