Drunk driver stopped by Sheboygan officer using PIT maneuver

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SHEBOYGAN (WITI) — Sheboygan police say a drunk driver was stopped by an officer using a PIT maneuver.

The PIT maneuver is a pursuit tactic by which a pursuing car can force a fleeing car to abruptly turn sideways, causing the driver to lose control and stop.

It happened on Sunday, September 1st around 1:15 a.m.

Police say an officer participating in the Sheboygan County OWI Task Force employed the PIT maneuver, and the operator of the car was taken into custody by the Plymouth Police Department.

There was very minimal damage to the police vehicle, and the offending vehicle.

A City of Plymouth officer observed a car travelling at a high rate of speed southbound on State Hwy 57. The Plymouth officer was able to get behind the car and began to follow it eastbound on County Hwy. U at substantially slower speeds.

The Plymouth officer activated his lights and sirens in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop. The offending vehicle slowed to about 28 m.p.h., but the driver refused to stop and continued eastbound on Couthy Hwy. U.

The Sheboygan police officer responded to the Plymouth officers location to assist.

After following the car for over a tenth of a mile with both squads using lights and sirens, the Sheboygan Police Officer employed a PIT manuever to stop the vehicle.

The manuever was performed at slow speed, and resulted in disabling the car with minimal damage to both the police vehicle and the offending driver’s car.

The driver of the offending vehicle was taken into custody by the Plymouth Police Dept. All charges related to this event will originate from that agency.