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Sheriff Clarke assists in arrest of 3 after crack cocaine found in car

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Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and a deputy on Wednesday, September 4th were involved in the arrest of three individuals after crack cocaine was found in their vehicle.

Sheriff Clarke had just finished an appearance at a Milwaukee school when a bicyclist flagged down his squad and informed Deputy Jones and Sheriff Clarke that the occupants of a vehicle had tried to run him off the road and threw a bottle at his head.

He pointed out the vehicle.

The Sheriff and deputy pulled the car over in the 100 block of E. North Ave.

Three occupants were removed and patted down for weapons.

Field interviews showed that one was on parole, and two on probation.  The vehicle was unregistered and had numerous mechanical violations.

A backup Sheriff’s squad arrived at the scene, and deputies Morgan and Scalise assisted in running the wanted checks and field interviews.

All the occupants were from Milwaukee.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the driver, Justin Wheeler, age 25, was on parole for armed robbery.  Passenger Fabion Wilder, age 24, is on probation for Endangering Safety/Reckless use of a firearm, and passenger Keith Porter, age 26, is on probation for felony Child Abuse-Recklessly Causing Injury.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, while Sheriff Clarke was field interrogating the rear passenger, he informed the Sheriff that he was on probation for child neglect.  The Sheriff asked him to call his probation agent.  The man used his own phone and left a voicemail saying that the Sheriff wanted to talk to her.  The suspect indicated he was unemployed.  The Sheriff then asked who pays his cell phone bill.  The suspect held up the phone and said, “It’s a government phone.”

The man indicated that he has two children, and he is not providing for them. Sheriff said, “So I’m raising your kids and paying your cell phone bill.”

A deputy smelled marijuana and a search of the vehicle turned up eight packages of crack cocaine, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

All three men were placed under arrest and conveyed to the sheriff’s headquarters.

Wilder received citations for non-registration of vehicle and a broken tail light.

All three subjects will be charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine (Enhancer: within 1000 feet of school).  The penalty for the Class F felony charge is 12 ½ years, plus another five years for the enhancer.