Union Grove teachers make music video to get kids ready for school

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UNION GROVE (WITI) -- They're known for getting some chuckles out of their students in class.

But physical education teacher Jordan Hein and science teacher Mitchell Brachmann at Union Grove High School teamed up to use their sense of humor to get kids ready to hit the books.

"I'm not just a jock and he's not just a nerd, we're able to reach out and try different things and not be afraid to make fun of ourselves for the sake of our school," says Heins as he laughs.

No, it's not boy band One Direction, it's the teaching duo's music video hit "That's What Makes School Beautiful."

And it all started with a dream.

"I woke up and I was laughing so hard that I immediately called Mitchell and I was like we have to do this," says Hein.

"To do something like this isn't that far out of character for me so I was totally on-board instantly," says Brachmann.

But this wasn't their music video debut.

Last year, they created "In My Class," which was inspired from Jason Derulo's "In My Head."

"In the last video there was a lot more auto-tune on that one. I heard some reviews that it hurt the ears a little bit, but I guess that's what's popular now," says Hein.

Since they released their latest video just a week ago, they've been getting rave reviews.

"We had our first football game here this past week and I worked the game and I had 25 parents say how awesome the video was and it had been out 2 days and had 3,000 hits on it," says Brachmann.

And the students say they love it.

"That's really cool like it's pretty awesome," says student Ross De Jarlais.

"A lot of the teachers play it in their classes like the first thing so it will like get them pumped up," says student Caitlyn Slaasted.

Getting everyone in the school ready for a great year.

The teachers say they plan to continue making a music video every year.

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