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Students at Marquette University commemorate 9/11

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — After classes there was another lesson on the campus of Marquette University on Wednesday, September 11th. This class dealt with honoring the lives lost on this date 12 years ago.

Though they were children on September 11th, 2001, for Marquette University students, September 11th, 2013 was about remembering the lives lost in the terrorist attacks 12 years ago.

“I was very confused, being only 10. It’s very somber. It’s obviously remembering a tragic event. A day like this is really important to us because it gives us a little bit of focus, and that focus is back on what’s important, and that is our country and the people that make it up ” Marquette Junior Bryan Tordoff said.

Tordoff is a Cadet with Marquette University’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. On Wednesday, the group led a lesson in honor and patriotism during its annual 9/11 commemoration ceremony.

“Many heroes were made that day in New York City, and that’s also something that needs to be remembered, and honored,” Tordoff said.

All four branches of service are represented by the ROTC students, but the ceremony was organized by university students in the Navy ROTC.

“I still look back today, and it changed my life from that point, and that was one of the main contributing factors to my decision to join the Air Force,” Tordoff said.

Acknowledging the impact the attack had on the students he commands, the Commander of Marquette’s Detachment 930, Lt. Colonel Bob Hassler explains the impact his cadets are having on him.

“They’ve taken up the charge. They’ve put themselves out there to protect our nation. After an event like 9/11, that can be pretty daunting, and for them to put themselves in front of the nation and protect the nation is something that’s very inspiring for me,” Lt. Col. Hassler said.

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