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Child found dead in Milwaukee apartment was co-sleeping

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner says a nearly three-year-old boy who was found dead in a Milwaukee apartment on Friday morning, September 20th had been co-sleeping with his mother and mother's boyfriend on a twin-sized air mattress.

Officers were called to the apartment near 95th and Sheridan on the city's northwest side at about 12:30 p.m. on Friday. That's roughly when the mother found the unresponsive child in bed.

According to an autopsy report, the boy's aunt put him to sleep with his cousin on the couch. However, the boy's aunt says when she checked on the toddler several hours later, he wasn't there. He instead had gone to his mother's bed.

The boy's mother told police she noticed the boy came up to her bed, and at one point was wrapped up in her legs. At another point, the boy was between his mother and the wall. At that point, he was unresponsive.

That is when 911 was called, and the boy's mother told police she wasn't aware the boy had gotten into bed with her.

Eventually, the boy's mother told police she drank margaritas, vodka and smoked marijuana the night before.

The boy's mother also told police the day before, the toddler was doing flips off the couch and floor -- hitting his mouth, but the boy's mother said the boy did not complain. A family member says the boy threw up afterwards.

The official cause of death is undetermined.

The Medical Examiner's report indicates the child possibly had a "history of asthma." The mother of the child indicated the boy "did not have any significant medical problems and no allergies."

The cause of death in this case is pending further toxicology reports.

There is no one in custody.

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