“Jacob’s Ride” is over, but Jacob Landis isn’t finished

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MIAMI (WITI) -- "Jacob's Ride" may be over, but Jacob Landis isn't yet finished! Landis rode his bike for 10,500 miles -- stopping at every Major League Baseball stadium to raise money and awareness for cochlear implants. While the ride was stopped short after Landis was struck by a truck, he was able to reach the final stadium, while keeping his ride alive.

Landis arrived to a hero's welcome in Miami last Tuesday, and his 10,500-mile journey was seemingly over.

"We were still able to raise so much awareness, so much money for the cause that I'm just really really grateful," Landis said.

Landis' ride took him to every Major League ballpark -- including Miller Park back in May -- all in an effort of raising money for cochlear implants for people who cannot afford them.

Landis' ride ended prematurely after he was hit by a truck 170 miles away from Marlins Park -- his final destination.

"When I realized I couldn't finish the ride, I felt a little bit of disappointment. But I felt a lot of elation that we made it 10,500 miles," Landis said.

Despite the accident, Amy Boehler and her 10-year-old son Dylan from Hubertus, WI were in Miami to greet Landis.

"It's been remarkable to see how the kids from real little to adults have been so inspired. They're in awe," Amy Boehler said.

Jacob's Ride inspired Dylan to create a challenge of his own to raise money for the cause, and put him on the mound at Marlins Park to throw out the first pitch in place of Landis.

"It was awesome. I don't think Dylan gets how big of an experience that was," Amy Boehler said.

"Dylan did a lot because he inspired me to keep on riding," Landis said.

This past weekend, Landis finally returned home to Maryland, taking in the final Orioles game of the season. And, he had a chance to finally rest!

"I think the cause is not over. In a way, the ride is not over because of that. And I think that's the biggest way my life has changed is my involvement with the cause," Landis said.

Landis says he will keep Jacob's Ride alive to continue its mission. However, he's still not back on a bike, and he's not sure if he'll go back and finish the 170 miles.

However, Landis says he is already looking to see what he can do next summer to raise more money for cochlear implants.

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