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Learn how to grow a variety of potatoes not found in stores

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One of Wisconsin’s largest crops is potatoes. Although they are plentiful and inexpensive to buy, it is great fun to grow a few of your own. You can also grow some of the many different varieties that may not be available in the store.

If you don’t have room or the inclination to plant a whole bed of potatoes, you can grow some taters in a tub. A couple of weeks after the stems die down, it’s time to turn them out and see what that tub has in store for you. Will it be disappointment or delight?

With a little early season help, selected varieties of sweet potatoes can successfully be grown in Wisconsin. The sickly looking shoots we started with in early June produced beautiful vines all summer. Now it’s time to see if there’s a bounty underground.

You can head to the Milwaukee County UW-Extension Horticulture page for more gardening information.