House votes again to delay Obamacare as part of spending plan

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U.S. Capitol Building

(CNN) — A little more than an hour after the federal government began shutting down, House Republicans have voted to reaffirm Obamacare amendments they attached to a spending bill that would have kept the government running and that the Senate had earlier rejected.

The House also requested that the Senate convene a conference committee to work out their differences over the funding plan but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has already rejected that proposal, saying the Senate “will not negotiate with a gun to our head.” The House amendments would delay the Obamacare individual mandate and eliminate health insurance premium subsidies for members of Congress, their staffs and the president.

Shortly after midnight, the White House ordered federal government agencies to begin shutting down, furloughing thousands of workers and curtailing some services for the first time in nearly 18 years.