Four new Crypto cases identified in North Shore communities

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BROWN DEER (WITI) -- North Shore Health Department officials identified on Tuesday, October 1st four new cases of Cryptosporidium in Milwaukee County's North Shore communities. That brings to 12 the number of confirmed cases of Crypto.

The Crypto outbreak was announced on Friday, September 27th. Health officials have been working to pinpoint the source of the outbreak. They suspect the number of confirmed cases will rise -- as they are encouraging anyone who has recently had diarrhea to be tested.

Health officials say the four new cases were close contacts with people who were already diagnosed with Crypto. It is believed the bacteria was passed person to person.

Also on Tuesday, a letter to members of the Jewish Community Center says "upon the recommendation of the Health Department, and in support of the broader community effort to minimize any additional spread of the virus, we are closing the JCC's Aquatic Center for a period of up to ten days (based upon the potential incubation period). "

JCC Executive Director Mark Shapiro says although there is no proof Cryptosporidium is in the water of the JCC pool, the center is playing it safe.

"We are super shocking it again and after the 14 hour cycle of that were going to drain the pool completely down, scrub it clean it fill it back up again and then let it settle for 10 period the health department suggested," said Shapiro.

The Health Department urges people who feel sick with stomach problems to get tested. Officials are doing interviews for more possible sources for the Crypto.

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