OfficeMax recognizes teachers, offers $1,000 in school supplies

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GLENDALE (WITI) -- The average teacher ends up spending $1,000 out of their own pockets for supplies and classroom essentials during the school year. OfficeMax is working to put a stop to that and recognize some outstanding teachers in the process.

Tuesday the brown deer OfficeMax team was at Glen Hills Middle School in Glendale. They were there under the pretense of a 4th grade assembly, but really they were there to recognize Michelle Kornitz, a fourth grade teacher at the school.

Ms. Kornitz lives in the Glendale community, has children in the district, and has taught in some capacity for more than 9 years. She is admired by her students and fellow teachers for her compassion and love of teaching.

“She just does a phenomenal job of meeting the kid`s individual needs. So I wanted to take a moment to really recognize her,” said Glen Hills Principal Haydee Smith.

But the day was more than just recognition. OfficeMax was there to give her $1,000 worth of school supplies for the classroom.  They do it every year as part of an effort to end teacher funded classrooms.

But, true to form, Ms. Kornitz wasn't thinking about the money.

“Did you see the kids all gathered around? They’re all excited to use the camera, the Kindle Fire even the french-fry eraser. They are calling dibs on those,” said Kornitz. Other supplies included pens, pencils, notebooks and a new desk chair for Kornitz.

The school was also presented with an additional $800 worth of school supplies donated by OfficeMax employees and customers.

The $1,000 donations occurred at more than a dozen schools in the Milwaukee area Tuesday at the same time. It happened to about 1,000 teachers nationwide.