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Missing Texas grandfather, two children found safe in Wash. County

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (WITI) -- A grandfather left Texas with his two grandchildren on Sunday, and the group wound up in Wisconsin on Tuesday! As it turns out, "Grandpa" suffers from memory loss, and the group's journey ended when Grandpa stopped to ask for directions. On Wednesday, family members arrived in Wisconsin to pick up their loved ones.

The journey ended in the Town of Addison, when Grandpa asked a Washington County Sheriff's deputy for directions to Dallas, Texas.

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Apparently, the group went to the park on Sunday, and a two-block trip home ended three days and 1,000 miles later!

Fortunately, the children -- 7-year-old Marcus and 8-year-old Dominique were fine, and on Wednesday, they were reunited with their father.

"It's been craziness, but just glad we were, we had a lot of angels on our side. Anywhere in the United States -- Wisconsin of all, that's fine with me. This is a beautiful country. We've got beautiful people. Let's be grateful," the childrens' father, Jose Gomez told FOX6 News.

The journey began in Carroltown, Texas -- a suburb of Dallas, when 57-year-old William Gomez took his seven and eight-year-old grandchildren to the park.

They never came home, and Grandpa did not have his cell phone with him, and got lost -- and the journey began.

The camera was rolling at Jose Gomez' doorstep when he got the call from the Washington County Sheriff's Office, telling him his family was found and is okay.

"You know you go through everything. You go through anger, confusion, sadness and then you got to get all past that," Jose Gomez said.

Jose and his brother, Michael Gomez arrived in Wisconsin on Wednesday get their family back together.

"They seem to be in very good spirits. When my son is more interested in watching SpongeBob than talking to me on the phone -- fine, okay, he's resilient. And my daughter is a little nervous. She's okay. I bet they're both taking it in stride," Jose Gomez said.

The children seemed completely unphased -- telling stories of their adventure to their dad.

Jose Gomez says he's not mad at his father, but what he will say to him is uncertain.

"You know, there's enough anger in the world. I don't want to add to it. I'd rather be a problem solver," Jose Gomez said.

Jose Gomez plans to drive the family back to the Dallas area. But first, they're headed to the hospital to check on Grandpa.

"We want to make sure we talk to doctors, and have a general idea.  If he's not ready to go, we will stay here.  His care is first and foremost, and then after that we will see what's next," Jose Gomez said.

Police in Texas were tracking the grandfather through ATM card purchases. They followed purchases in Arkansas, Kentucky and Illinois.