Chief Flynn speaks at Granville Brown Deer Chamber of Commerce

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn spoke at the Granville Brown Deer Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, October 8th -- speaking about creating more jobs and keeping Milwaukee safe.

Chief Flynn spoke at a luncheon held by the Chamber.

Chief Flynn says a neighborhood's relationship with police has everything to do with commercial development.

He says when safety is an issue, jobs go away.

"In small neighborhood after small neighborhood all across Milwaukee mom and pop stores closed up because they've been broken in to or robbed -- or because people wouldn't go to them because of the folks hanging out in them looking menacing. Warehouse closed up to move out of the city and took with them entry level jobs," Chief Flynn said.

Chief Flynn also talked about how most people in the city are not at risk of being a victim.

Most shooting victims have extensive criminal records.