Closing arguments issued in Chief Alba’s disciplinary hearing

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WAUKESHA (WITI) — Closing arguments were held Tuesday, October 8th in a disciplinary hearing for Waukesha Fire Chief Jesse Alba.

The case stems from sexual harassment claims against Alba.

Alba is accused of violating the anti-harassment policy and the Waukesha Fire Department’s Code of Conduct.

Recently an additional charge was levied against him, despite the fact that the woman who was allegedly sexually harassed by Alba has continued to be a no show in court.

Alba’s attorney was hoping to have the woman subpoenaed, in order to have her brought to court to attempt to prove she made untrue statements to investigators. However, that didn’t happen.

Alba is accused of asking the woman in his department to quit because he was attracted to her and it was distracting to him.

On September 12th, Alba told the panel he did not threaten the woman, and said the two had an affair last year while both were married. They broke it off, and she found it too difficult to work together, and Alba said he thought her leaving was a reasonable solution.

Within two weeks of that testimony, a new charge was issued against Alba: adultery.

Alba has been suspended while the claim has been investigated.

Closing statements were made on Tuesday, and after the hearing, Alba read a statement.

“It is my goal to return as chief of the city of Waukesha Fire Department and continue to serve this community as I have in the past and now that the Commission has heard the facts of this case and not just hearsay and rumors, I have every confidence that they will rule on these allegations and I will be able to resume my work,” Alba said.

A decision from the Police and Fire Commission is expected within the next three days.