Sheboygan man found passed out in wheelchair in middle of road

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Carl Sonneman

SHEBOYGAN (WITI) — A Sheboygan man was arrested on Sunday after he was reportedly found passed out in his wheelchair in the middle of the street.

38-year-old Carl Sonneman of Sheboygan faces one count of battery to a peace officer, one count of throwing or discharging bodily fluids at a public safety worker and one count of resisting an officer.

A criminal complaint in the case says Sonneman was discovered passed out in his wheelchair in the middle of the street on Sunday night, October 6th.

Officers located Sonneman and woke him, and asked him whether he had consumed any alcohol or illegal drugs, and Sonneman issued a response that could not be understood.

Sonneman was unable to answer officers’ questions, and was informed that an ambulance would be called.

Sonneman told officials he lived “in the area” but could not provide his address. He then said he lived on the north side of town, but was informed by officials that he was currently on the far south side of town, according to the complaint.

When Sonneman attempted to leave and was stopped, he struck the officer in the head with his arm, and spit in the officer’s direction, according to the complaint.

At that point, Sonneman was told that he was under arrest, though he continued to resist, according to the complaint.