Two sex offenders to be released near 77th & Lisbon

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police on Tuesday night, October 8th held a public information meeting to notify the public of the release of two sex offenders into a home near 77th and Lisbon.

The offenders are 48-year-old Robert Fowler and 61-year-old L.C. Streeter.

Fowler was convicted of second-degree sexual assault in August 1989, for sexually assaulting and robbing a woman after she got off a bus in St. Francis. He was released on parole in 1995, but it was revoked after he grabbed a woman as she walked to work.

Streeter was convicted of second-degree sexual assault in June 1986, and has three criminal sex offenses in his past. One of his victims was an adult woman, and the other a female juvenile.

Both will reside at 3231 N. 77th St. in Milwaukee.

"It's just shocking. The initial concern is safety," Tony Heller said.

At Tuesday's meeting, neighbors were handed two safety alert bulletins -- one regarding Fowler, and one regarding Streeter.

Heller will be their next-door neighbor.

"I've lived in my house 12 years, and since this owner has taken over, it's been a complete nightmare," Heller said.

Both men will be under supervised release, including GPS monitoring.

"When they leave the residence they will be accompanied by a person from the Department of Corrections for at least one year. They will not even be allowed to take out the garbage," Milwaukee Police Captain James Sheperd said.

Even with the monitoring, neighbors say they are concerned.

"I just don`t want to feel like now I have to pick up or move or anything because I don`t want to be afraid to live my life," Brednia Johnson-Allen said.

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