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“Glee” fans will say final goodbye to Cory Monteith Thursday

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Cory Monteith

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — “Glee” fans will say a final goodbye to Cory Monteith on Thursday night, October 10th. The show will honor the actor who played “Finn” with a special tribute episode.

The emotional episode is called “The Quarterback.”

Show creator Ryan Murphy says it was not only a difficult script to write, but also a hard episode to watch.

“It was really hard. I loved Cory and I was very close to Cory and I worked along, you know other people to try and help him.  Addiction is a terrible disease and we lost him, so we had an obligation to just the crew and the other actors but I think to the fans to deal with that passing.  So the show is the death of the Finn character, but it’s also about our loss of Cory.  It was really hard to write. I could only sit there twice while editing it cause I was overcome by it and I think at it’s best it’s a beautiful tribute to someone we loved a lot and we miss,” Murphy said.

Monteith died from an overdose of alcohol and heroin. His loss has been devastating for the entire cast.

“I myself don’t know how I’m going to watch it and it will probably take me a couple of days to watch it,” Dot-Marie Jones said.

Jane Lynch says filming the episode helped her to deal with Monteith’s passing.

“It was difficult to film, for not just the cast but crew who loved him too, but it was very cathartic and beautifully written,” Lynch said.

The special episode of Glee can be seen on FOX6 at 8:00!

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