Jesse Alba demoted from fire chief to firefighter in Waukesha

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WAUKESHA (WITI) -- The Waukesha Board of Police and Fire Commissioners voted 3-1 on Monday, October 14th to demote Jesse Alba from the post of fire chief to firefighter.

The decision to demote Alba was detailed in an 18-page document released Monday.

The board tried to answer seven key questions that talked about the board's ultimate decision to demote. In city documents, the board of commissioners said Alba's actions were "egregious" -- and that his actions created an "adversarial workplace situation."

Alba was accused of violating the anti-harassment policy and the Waukesha Fire Department’s Code of Conduct. He is alleged to have asked a woman in his department to quit because he was attracted to her and it was distracting to him.

On September 12th, Alba told the panel he did not threaten the woman, and said the two had an affair last year while both were married. They broke it off, and she found it too difficult to work together, and Alba said he thought her leaving was a reasonable solution.

That female co-worker ultimately resigned.

Through an email on Monday Alba's attorney told FOX6 News they have not yet decided how they will proceed, but pointed out commissioners did not find evidence Alba violated the sexual harassment policy as it is written.

Commissioners on Monday said they were alarmed about Alba's insistence that he did nothing wrong, and the city's administrator talked about how other firefighters would accept Alba if he accepts his demotion.

"Our firefighters are very professional and they will handle that in a very professional manner. I'm confident of that," Waukesha City Administrator Ed Henschel said.

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