Milwaukee nightclub at risk of losing liquor license

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Shootings, public urination and sex in the streets. It's what one downtown Milwaukee nightclub is accused of attracting to the area. The owner says it's a bunch of lies. But the nightclub's liquor license could be yanked because of it.

The establishment in question is 618 Live -- which has been at Water and Michigan since 2006.

The general manager of the nearby Hilton Garden Inn claims 618 Live attracts crime to the neighborhood. A 173-page report has been submitted to the city detailing everything from shootings to urination to sexual activity in the streets.

"When the club closes, the police do shut down the street and there's patrol cars, and the lights are going," said Lisa Farrell, general manager at the nearby Hilton Garden Inn.

Farrell is now calling on the city to revoke the club's liquor license.

"There's concerns that this is just going to keep going and something really bad may happen," said Farrell.

But a spokesperson for 618 Live says the accusations are not true.

"It's difficult to say that all of the issues that are listed in there are generated from this club," said Craig Peterson, 618 Live spokesman.

Peterson says safety is the most important thing. Club-goers are subject to pat-downs -- and signs outside warn not to bring weapons inside.

"When our customers leave the doors here, we want to make sure that they are safe and protected," said Peterson.

But the club's liquor license could be in jeopardy on Friday. If the Licensing Committee does vote to revoke the license, the Common Council will have the final say.

Every year since 618 Live opened, its license has been renewed -- always with a warning of a suspension.