Waukesha updates application for new water supply

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WAUKESHA (WITI) — The City of Waukesha submitted a revised version of its application for Great Lakes water to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Monday, October 14th.

Waukesha’s application includes the return of no less than 100% of the volume of water withdrawn from the Great Lakes, the use of treated wastewater as an environmental resource to improve the water quality and fishery of a Great Lakes tributary, and the thorough analysis of its application through the Environmental Impact Statement process.

The revised application consists of five volumes, including a 75-page summary document, Waukesha’s water supply service area plan, its water conservation plan, the return flow plan and an environmental report that analyzes the impacts of various water supply alternatives.

“The application includes thorough analyses of the environmental and public health impacts of various water supply alternatives we studied,” said Dan Duchniak, general manager of the Waukesha Water Utility. “The revised application compiles our 2010 application with additional information that was requested by the DNR or that addressed new regulations. We also updated our water conservation plan and water demand forecasts.”

In addition, the revised application includes updates related to new DNR regulations on water use, water conservation and phosphorus limits.

The City will hold informational briefings for the public in November about the revised application in Waukesha, Oak Creek, Racine and Milwaukee.