Bango visits Milwaukee schools with an important message

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Screams and cheers filled the Longfellow Elementary gymnasium as a local celebrity visited the school.

Bango from the Milwaukee Bucks and his physician, Doctor Cleo, stopped by to host Bango's Boot Camp.

"As the children start seeing his head poke out from the side of the room you just hear the energy level in the gym going up and the kids are just so excited to have a mascot at their school," said Molina Healthcare Director of Public Outreach Elizabeth Benz.

During the event, Bango and Doctor Cleo demonstrated the importance of exercise through push up, basketball, and jump rope contests.

"He's jump roping to do exercise and exercise is healthy for you," said 4th grader Carla Fuentes.

They also taught the children how to avoid getting the flu.

"Making sure the children are washing their hands effectively at this time of year, that they're coughing into their arms, talking to their parents about the importance of getting the flu vaccine so that hopefully we can keep everybody healthy this fall and throughout the holiday season," said Benz.

These kids need to stay healthy so they can stay in school.

Through skits, Bango showed the children they have to attend class to be successful.

"So you can be smart and learn and so you can go to college and do whatever you want to do when you're older," said 4th grader Areli Luevano.

Hopefully, these are life long lessons the children learned while having plenty of fun.

Bango's Boot Camp is a partnership between the Milwaukee Bucks, Molina Healthcare, and MPS.

Bango and Doctor Cleo are visiting 15 schools throughout the year.