Mother says daughter targeted in possible child enticement

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BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- Brookfield police are looking into two possible cases of child enticement, and now, a Brookfield family says their daughter may have been targeted on Monday, October 14th.

The first incident was reported last Thursday evening, and a second incident was reported on Saturday morning.

"Just because you think it's a safe neighborhood doesn't mean it's necessarily safe," one parent told FOX6 News.

"To have children stalked -- that's the worst kind of human being out there," Kathy Albers said.

Now that the third possible incident has been reported, parents are on edge.

"Now it has someone scaring kids, scaring parents, scaring families, scaring grandparents," Albers said.

A woman who asked to remain anonymous told FOX6 News that on Monday, her daughter was playing in the front yard when an older man driving a white van slowed down.

"When my daughter came into view he slowed down -- like literally slowed down really quickly," the girl's mother told FOX6 News.

The van then parked across the street. The girl's mother says she is relieved she was outside with her child.

"As soon as I went off, he shielded his face and took off down the street," the girl's mother said.

The incidents began early Thursday night when an older man approached three boys, saying "Come here, I want to help you."

The suspect then opened his passenger door and the kids ran away.

Then on Saturday morning, an older man approached two 12-year-old girls walking down the street. He apparently mumbled something about a dog -- and the girls got scared and ran to an area business for safety -- as the man continued to follow them for two blocks.

Kathy Albers has started picking up her grandchildren from school so they don't have to take the bus.

"I"m here to get them from school, meet them at the bus, whatever I need to do because mom and dad can't always be there. My daughter will let me know how long she wants me to do this and when because that's what I'm here for," Albers said.

Brookfield police say they do not believe the incidents from over the weekend are related to the one reported Monday.

However, letters were sent out to parents throughout the city of Brookfield -- warning them about the incidents.