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Three 1931 refrigerators tie in Oldest Fridge Contest

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- For decades, this 1931 refrigerator has been in Monica Tighe's family, keeping their drinks cool and their food fresh.

"My grandfather had purchased it and replaced the original icebox that was in the kitchen," says Tighe.

But once she heard about Focus on Energy's Oldest Fridge Contest with a prize of $1,000, she decided it was time to part ways.

"A little nostalgic, but we only used it occasionally," says Tighe.

Tighe is one of three winners including Sue Gilmore, who is letting her grandchildren choose how to spend the money.

"We're going to give $100 to the poor, and another $100 to juvenile diabetes, and the rest of the money we are going to use to go to Walt Disney," says Gilmore's grandson Carter.

Focus on Energy created the contest to draw attention to its Appliance Recycling Program.

Through this program, they pick up old refrigerators for free and reward the donor with $50.

"By taking one of these old refrigerators that we pick up with our program off the grid, it's roughly equivalent to taking 2 cars off the road for a year," says Focus on Energy Appliance Recycling Program Manager Rich Marshall.

More modern, Energy Star refrigerators can use 3 times less energy, with a potential savings of $150 per year.

The remains of the donated refrigerators are put to good use.

"Over 95% of the materials from the refrigerator get recycled, reused, re-purposed, and those materials that are hazardous get disposed of properly," says Marshall.

Protecting the environment and the wallets of Wisconsin residents.

Donated refrigerators need to be at least 10 - 30 cubic feet and in working condition.

For more information on how to donate call 1-855-398-5226 or CLICK HERE.


  • Myrak

    You can keep your “high-efficiency” refrigerators. Give me one of those old ones because they will last FOREVER, and actually keep my food COLD! I can GUARANTEE that if they don’t crush those, they will still be working 100 years from now!

  • Freedom

    I love the Wisconsin Badgers one….whoever owned that could’ve found a buyer for double what WE Energies gave them for it. That one was a “keeper”, and it wouldn’t have cost anything to just sit and be a conversation piece. Wow.

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