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“Yell and Tell” program and foundation help children become heroes

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- "Yell and Tell" is a program created by a Milwaukee-area woman that is aimed at teaching children who see something dangerous to not be afraid to speak up. The program has been so successful that it is now being taught in 46 states and in six foreign countries!

The Yell and Tell program teaches children how to take action and be a hero. There are seven teaching lessons to the program: Pools, Rivers/Lakes, Fire, Poison, Guns, Child Enticement and Bullying -- and each lesson covers a dangerous situation that a child might encounter.

"My goal is that every child in the world knows to yell and tell if they see something dangerous," Jean Davidson with the Davidson Yell and Tell Foundation said.

A tragic accident inspired Davidson to work toward helping kids save the lives of others.

"It started because I lost a four-year-old grandson in a water accident that could have been prevented if the older child who was watching what was happening yelled 'help,'" Davidson said.

Davidson is a retired school teacher and granddaughter of Walter Davidson -- the co-founder of Harley-Davidson.

Davidson developed the Yell and Tell Foundation. The foundation's main program encourages children to yell to help attract attention during dangerous situations.

A team goes into schools with videos, Power Point presentations and storytelling to teach kids from age four to about fourth grade.

"The program is really simple. That`s why it works. It teaches if you see something that doesn`t look right, you feel sacred, you need to yell 'help,'" Davidson said.

Davidson says in the midst of a troubling or dangerous moment, many kids tend to run or keep quiet.

"They are just afraid mom and dad are going to yell at them or they`re going to get into trouble," Davidson said.

Davidson and others involved with the foundation and Yell and Tell program say speaking up can save lives.

"If we can prevent one, that`s terrific and we`ve prevented well over 100 which is fantastic," Jeff Haig with the Davidson Yell and Tell Foundation said.

It is estimated about 300,000 children have taken part in this program nationwide.

CLICK HERE for additional information on the Yell and Tell Foundation and program. 

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