Licensing Comm. hears testimony for and against downtown Silk

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Officials with Silk Exotic appeared before Milwaukee Common Council's Licensing Committee on Wednesday, November 6th to take up the issue of whether a strip club should be allowed to open in downtown Milwaukee -- and it was a packed house! The committee got an earful, and heard from critics with serious concerns, and others who accuse opponents of bribing people to testify.

The Licensing Committee on Wednesday once again listened to testimony for and against the club, but at first, there was an objection to some testifying against the club because they were apparently offered $100 by the apartment next door to where the club would open.

Despite the objection to allow some to testify Wednesday, person after person stood up and shared why they believe Silk Exotic should not open in downtown Milwaukee.

Along with noise concerns were safety concerns for those who live in the area -- including tenants of a high-rise apartment building next door to the proposed club.

"I work till three in the morning and I park on 2nd Street and I have to walk through the alley and it just concerns me for my safety walking that late at night," one neighbor said.

Those concerns have been raised before, but in this hearing, a new issue was brought forth against issuing a license -- human trafficking.

However, the club's owners took issue with such claims.

"As far as human trafficking, it`s a terrible thing. It`s not something that we are going to ever allow," John Ferraro said.

Supporters also took turns Wednesday proclaiming why the club should get an opportunity.

"If these people get into this location you will see businesses sprout up," one person argued.

Alderman Bob Bauman, whose district the club would be in, says the only thing new heard Wednesday was the issue of human trafficking. Alderman Bauman says a license for the club should not be issued.

The Licensing Committee voted "no" on the club Wednesday -- but the issue will still go to the full Common Council.

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  • Lance Thompson

    I really hope this does not go through. Downtown Milwaukee does not need a seedy strip club. I love the term “gentleman’s club”. 99% of the people that frequent these places do NOT fit this term and the “workers”, well, we all know about that. Glorified hookers that go home with the highest bidder at the end of the night. Keep downtown clean and family oriented!

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