Oregon coach fired after choosing Hooters for awards dinner

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(CNN) -- When a middle school football coach in Portland, Oregon had a chance to pick a restaurant for a sports dinner for his students -- he didn't pick Chuck E. Cheese. Instead, the volunteer coach's choice has now cost him his job after the coach insisted on taking the students to Hooters.

Coach Randall Burbach says he wanted to take his Corbett Middle School football team to the Jantzen Beach Hooters restaurant for the team's awards ceremony as a way to say job well done.

The school's athletic director wrote a letter to parents, saying: "I spoke to many people over the weekend regarding the location of the event -- outside of a bar, tavern or strip club, where would be the next worse place to take a middle school football team to? Time after time, the reply was Hooters.

The athletic director says he gave Coach Burbach the chance to take his team to a less controversial restaurant, but he refused.

"Not allowing myself to be bullied by the vocal minority, is the war I want to win, is the only war I can win right now," Burbach said.

After just one year as coach, Burbach is now off the team. However, he is planning to hold the awards ceremony at Hooters, and dropping the school's name from the event.