Monday marks one month since 27-year-old Kelly Dwyer last seen

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Kelly Dwyer

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — It has been one month since 27-year-old Kelly Dwyer was last seen. Dwyer has been missing since the morning of October 11th.

This past Friday, November 8th, we learned officials with the Milwaukee Police Department say they have recovered some potential evidence from the Menomonee Falls landfill where they have been searching in the past week or two.

Investigators are now considering whether those items need to be processed by a crime lab.

Dwyer was last seen eating an an East Side restaurant.

A Milwaukee police detective has testified that Dwyer was reportedly partying with 38-year-old Kris Zocco on Thursday night, October 10th.

“He said she partied with him. Those are the words he used. That consisted of doing lines of cocaine. He said they may have smoked a bong, which meant marijuana — in a pipe used to smoke marijuana and that they were going to have drinks,” the detective said in court.

Dwyer’s mother has said Zocco told her he last saw Dwyer on the morning of October 11th — when she was leaving his East Side apartment.

Since Dwyer’s disappearance, Zocco has been taken into custody in two cases unrelated to Dwyer’s disappearance.

Zocco was initially taken into custody on drug charges on October 17th. The charges came to light during the investigation into Dwyer’s whereabouts when officials allegedly found drugs and drug paraphernalia at Zocco’s home.

Zocco was officially charged with five different drug related counts including keeping a drug house, intent to deliver a controlled substance, and possession of cocaine.

On October 24th, Zocco was arrested again, at his parent’s residence in Richfield.

Zocco was charged with 17 counts of child pornography. Police uncovered approximately 23 videos in Zocco’s apartment — some containing children as young as 2 to 3 years old.

Zocco is currently a free man, after posting his $250,000 bail last Wednesday, November 6th — one day after a judge ordered Zocco’s bail to remain at $250,000.

In court on November 5th, Zocco’s attorney argued Zocco and his family don’t have the kind of money to be able to post his bail — while prosecutors argued that they do.

Ultimately, a judge decided on Tuesday bail should remain at $250,000. That bail was posted, and Zocco was released.

As for Dwyer, her uncle says the girl’s disappearance is “baffling.”

“It’s baffling. It’s really baffling how she could just disappear into thin air. Every time the phone rings you cringe. You don’t know what’s going to be on the other end of the line,” John Van Laur said.

Over 20 surveillance cameras near Zocco’s East Side apartment building have been unable to provide answers.

“I’ve been to the building. I’ve talked to security there. They got a multitude of surveillance tapes. There’s nothing to show her either leaving alive, leaving dead or leaving any other way. They don’t see it on any cameras. It’s hard. Obviously if he had something to do with it you want to rip him apart — but you don’t know. If he has and they find out, he gets what’s coming to him. In this country, you’re innocent until proven guilty, but it doesn’t look good for his home team,” Van Laur said.

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