Traffic Alert: Big delays on I-43 NB following chemical truck fire in Marquette Interchange

Hunter with shotgun created bit of a stir in Madison

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State Capitol, Madison

MADISON (WITI) — It appears to be a misunderstanding. Madison police say there is no threat near Mifflin St. This, after there were reports a man wearing camouflage with a shotgun walking around the neighborhood. Officers apparently located the person.

FOX6 News talked with Madison police since the conclusion of this incident, they say the man in question was someone who had been hunting — and was on his way back to his apartment. Apparently some football fans saw him with his gun and called police.

Several tweets that were sent out by University of Wisconsin-Madison police illustrated what was at hand. See below.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


  • jon

    yep train people to fear every thing. what happened home of the brave and land of the free? the progressive liberals, speacialy in schools are dangerous.

  • Mike

    Fing liberals, I am really surprised the man was not shot to death by a SWAT team…why are we even having this discussion, the man was ahunter, exercising his RIGHTS . I agree with Jon above…

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