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Dangerous “knockout game” gaining popularity among youth

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(CNN) -- It's frightening, it's deadly and it's gaining in popularity. It's called the knockout game, and it involves people going up to strangers, punching them and running away.

The dangerous game has police in several states on their heels.

The video above shows unsuspecting 50-year-old teacher, James Addlespurger, being violently attacked while walking near a group of boys.

The attack occurred in 2012 in Pittsburgh -- but the so-called "knockout" or "one hit quitter" game has apparently spread elsewhere.

In a few of the cases, the victims have died.


  • jon

    instead of being victims, carry a concealed pistol. and if peopl see this happen, don’t call the cops, gang beat these punk. enough retaliation, these kids will beg for the cops.
    it your right to armed. when are people going to wake to the fact the only gun law is the2nd amendment. all others are illega laws.

    • John

      it not just are black kids playing this game it also your freaky white kids playing the game just like that dame choking game your white kids are playing that game should be treated the same dame why

  • James

    Interesting how the media conveniently “overlooks” the fact that 99% of these incidents are being committed by black youth and the victims are mainly white or asian. How about reporting the real truth here which is these are racially motivated crimes. Why isn’t this being admitted by any media outlets or law enforcement officials?

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