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Gov. Walker, Solidarity Singers each release book called “Unintimidated”

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MADISON (WITI) -- Two books were released on Tuesday, November 19th, both with the same title, and both dealing with the same subject -- but each has a very different take on the political events in Wisconsin over the last three years.

Governor Scott Walker's book "Unintimidated" went on sale on Tuesday, and is the story of how Act 10 was passed, and how Gov. Walker dealt with the recall election.

Before the book's release, Gov. Walker made the national media tour.

"One of the things I highlight in the book is in the states, we're offering real solutions to real people's problems and we're talking about it in ways that are relevant -- not just in terms of 'sequesters' and 'fiscal cliffs,' but how to fix schools and how to help businesses grow," Gov. Walker said.

Meanwhile, at the state Capitol, another book was released Tuesday, also entitled, "Unintimidated" -- this book released by the Solidarity Singers.

The Solidarity Singers are a group that began the Solidarity Sing-Alongs at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison on March 11th, 2011 and have continued them every weekday during the noon hour since then.

"When we heard he was putting out a book called 'Unintimidated,' we felt like he took that title from us because we've been unintimidated for over 700 sing-alongs," publisher Barbara With said.

"For those of us who have been here for the last 7,000 days and never seen him in the building -- it seems kind of ironic to apply that title to a man who is never here. Those of us who have been here, endured the oppression, endured the different types of arrests and still come here to sing in the face of all that, this title has always described us better than him. It's about speaking the truth to power, letting our voice be heard," publisher Jason Huberty said.

The book consists of an essay and a collection of photos that show the key moments in the sing-alongs, from counter-protests to arrests.

The book's publisher, Barbara With says the work shows the singers' voices will not be silenced.

"The Rotunda was actually built specifically to carry the voices of the people to the very people who represent them.  There are actually diamonds to position yourself to be heard, and this is our way, since they're not hearing us any other way," With said.

Proceeds from the book will go to "The First Amendment Protection Fund" which pays the legal fees for those arrested during the sing-alongs.


  • TruthSeeker

    Ahem… Solidarity Singers use the word “unintimidated” spelled out on signs in their act, and did so before Walker’s book came out.

    See this link:
    (Scroll down past the protest pictures and other politicians to see their signage.)

    As for Scott Walker, he wants to be President. He actually campaigns well enough that you’d think he’d stand a chance with Koch Bros. money. But frankly, sticking it to teachers and arresting people for singing doesn’t play well in mainstream America. He can write all the books he wants, but you have to be more of a centrist to win a national election. There will be lots of teachers, lots of other public union employees, and lots of singers voting come election day 2016.

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