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Kenosha sports bar fights to keep the music playing

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KENOSHA (WITI) -- Kenosha Alderman Kevin Mathewson and about a hundred of his constituents have had it with Big Shotz Sports Bar & Lounge on Roosevelt Rd.

"Calls for fights disturbances public urination those types of things and they're just, they're not going away," said Mathewson.

Residents have circulated a petition seeking to suspend or revoke the bar's cabaret license. Mathewson says that license allows the establishment to have live music and entertainment.

"These rough crowds, violent people, that when they drink they make poor decisions, kind of follow this DJ around," said Mathewson.

FOX6 News spoke with Big Shotz owner Kurt Streck. He says the violence almost always takes place outside the bar. Regardless of where it happens, Streck doesn't want it happening at all. He says he's taken steps to curb it.

"We did have a hip hop DJ on Saturdays who has since been terminated. He was bringing in a lot of bad element here admittedly. So once we realized that, we made some changes to try to stop that. We've hired additional security, been more restrictive at the door," said Streck.

Streck says losing the cabaret license could force his bar to shutter for good. For now, he says he'd be happy to have any petition signers come into his business and see the changes he's making.

As for the push to suspend or revoke the cabaret license, Alderman Mathewson says the council could take action in the next month or two.


  • Di

    When I am in town , I have gone to Big Shotz several times and it was a pleasant environment. I live out of state , and being from a different state , I have seen bars that have troubles on certain nights of the week with their customers actually have police officers manning the doors. I don’t think it is right to shut down a bar because the people that decide to go there don’t behave themselves . Beef up the security if it’s bothersome to the neighborhood. It isn’t the bar owners or workers responsibility of what happens on the OUTSIDE of their bar … Lord knows , when I am in town , there is enough police officers around town every where else at all times. I have actually never seen so many in such a small town. That is just my opinion and I would be upset to see Big Shotz shut down. I remember when it used to be Mr. Z’s even , and it has always been a part of Kenosha for as long as I have known…

    • Neighborhood Resident

      Di, no one is trying to shut down the bar. The issue is the cabaret license which allows them to have DJs. The DJs that they hire play music that specifically attracts those types of crowds, because they are BIG crowds that bring in BIG money. It is a nice place, but on Saturday nights the place is a nuisance to the community. The security, even the POLICE can’t keep the noise down outside of the bar.

      And I have to disagree with you, it IS the bar owners responsibility to not intentionally attract people that repeatedly behave badly. If I was having huge drinking parties at my home and the people I invited were constantly being obnoxious outside of my house, you better believe the police would not tolerate it for very long. Big Shotz has had ample time to fix this.

      I remember when it was Mr. Z’s, too, and I would love to see it like that again, where the customers would leave the bar, go to their cars quietly and just LEAVE.

  • Kurt Streck

    Just as a follow up comment. Anyone who has been in ouir bar knows that we care about the community, and our customers. its a shame that a few recent events have tainted our reputation. We are aware of the problems and have taken action. It s a shame that a few individuals have stiirred the pot. We are constantly making changes to improve the environment in our establishment. We will do whatever it takes to go forward. We want everyone to have a good time here. I encourage people to come in so we can show you we mean it.

    Kurt Streck,
    Owner Big Shotz Sports Bar.

    • Neighborhood Resident

      This has not been a few recent events, Kurt. This has been going on for 3+ years every single Saturday night. Multiple police are there almost every Saturday. The obnoxious people coming out of there hang out in the parking lot making outrageous amounts of noise and not even the police are enough to get them to shut up and leave. This should have been stopped a LONG, LONG time ago. Those of us that live in the homes around there are fed up. Please don’t try to sugar coat it and say this has happened a few times. You should have taken action when this first started occuring. I have no sympathy whatsoever if that cabaret license is suspended or revoked.

  • Dee

    Big shots never complained when cuz dj there anytime before kept that place packed. That night it packed past capacity but if I check is not dj responsibility stop letting people in once a place clearly at capacity. Is really easy point fingers once heat is on but ya have responsibility as well to do Crowd control. End day sad how everything turn out just don’t put blame solo on one party evolved

    • Neighborhood Resident

      I have to agree with Ronald on this, Sea. This is not about color, it’s about respect and the lack thereof. This is a very diverse neighborhood and we get along just fine. No one is trying to stop anyone from having a good time, but when a large group of drunks having a good time crosses the line and disturbs the peace repeatedly, people are going to get upset and this is the outcome.

  • Ronald Jenkins

    sEA, This has nothing to do with color, This is about respect, You live what you are taught, When I go to the bar and drink, When it closes I walk to my car and leave, I don’t yell and disturb the people who live in the area and wake them up!!
    Common Sence Brother, Use It! 1. ;-)

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