Dispute over 618 Live’s license now revolves around email

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The dispute over a downtown Milwaukee nightclub's license now revolves around an email -- specifically an email that ended up in the city's spam folder. The attorney for 618 Live says what happened next is a violation of the owner's rights.

Michael Maistelman says he's still trying to overturn the 90-day suspension of 618 Live's liquor license.

"We wanted an opportunity to be heard before the Common Council, before the Common Council acted on my client's property rights. That didn't happen so we believe that was a  violation of our client's due process rights," Maistelman said.

On November 5th, the Common Council voted to extend 618 Live's suspension from 30 to 90 days.

Over the past several months, police have responded to the nightclub for complaints ranging from sexual activity outside to shootings.

The club's attorneys emailed a request to speak at the meeting but city officials never saw it because it went into the spam folder.

Common Council President Willie Hines Jr. says it's unfortunate but there's no need to let the club's attorneys come back to make their case.

"I met with the city attorney, the city clerk's office, spoke with the local alderperson as well as the chair of the committee just to make certain 'were we negligent?' The city wasn't negligent so there's no need to allow them to come before the Common Council," Hines said.

"I understand they're not trying to set any precedents but the fact is they did receive our objection," Maistelman said.

The city has now amended its policy for emailed objection requests. From now on, anytime someone sends a request, the city will reply within 24 hours to confirm it received it.

"We will now put the appropriate changes in place to make certain there is no ambiguity in regard to contacting the city via email," Hines said.

The attorneys for 618 Live requested a restraining order that would put the suspension on hold. That was denied, but the judge recommended the Common Council let them speak.

Since that won't happen, the club's attorneys say they're going back to court to once again ask for that restraining order, but as it stands now, the club's license is suspended.