Milwaukee police seek motive in fatal shooting of grandmother

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Police are trying to figure out who is responsible for the shooting death of 59-year-old Gloria Zuniga -- shot to death as she slept in her home near 26th and Mitchell on Monday night, November 18th.

Zuniga's family members are making funeral arrangements as police try to determine why someone fired dozens of shots into her home on Monday night.

Police have a theory as to what happened, but Zuniga's family disagrees with it.

“Lot of emotion because of the severity of the way it happened. I think she was in bed. She was sleeping. There was a couple of people in the house when they heard shots and they obviously took cover. Maybe somebody else is going to get killed next trying to make an example and do something. Whoever they were targeting, obviously she wasn`t the target," Jesse Zuniga, Gloria's nephew said.

Cynthia Greenwood has lived on the block for three-and-a-half years. Although she didn't know Zuniga, Greenwood says her death is personal.

"It hits very close because that easily could have been me. My family could be going through what they`re going through. It`s just to the point where you have to start asking how much do we have to take and when is it going to stop?" Greenwood said.

Greenwood says her daughter and granddaughters used to live in the area, but with the violence, that has changed.

"She said, `Mom I can`t stay here no more. They`re shooting like crazy,'" Greenwood said.

Greenwood says she is afraid to call police when something like this happens because of possible retaliation.

Alderman Bob Donovan represents the neighborhood and sees Monday night's shooting as having ramifications on the neighborhood.

"We're going to lose this neighborhood in a heartbeat," Alderman Donovan said.

Police believe Monday's homicide is gang-related, saying that they have information gang members were living with Zuniga. Zuniga's family disagrees, telling FOX6 that is not true.

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  • Lola

    I think this shooting is not gang related to the grandmothers family! My sister in law lives a few homes away and about 2 weeks ago someone shot into her home 3 times 2 of which went into her children’s room and 1 into her room. Her kids are 10 and 7 yrs old. This was random and they have no ties to any gangs! The shots were very similar to this grandmothers death, shot directly into the home not aiming for windows or at anyone in particular. I think for the police to try and hold her family responsible by saying they have gang ties is a sad excuse to try and comfort the neighborhood at this family’s expense.

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