Affected families, involved companies respond to O’Donnell verdict

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- After several weeks of testimony, jurors reached a verdict in the O'Donnell parking structure case on Thursday afternoon, November 21st. The jury answered 30 questions in its verdict including who is to blame for the death and injury in the collapse, how much they are at fault, and how much they should pay.

The decision stated, in part, that Advance Cast Stone, Milwaukee County, and J.H. Findorff and Sons were all negligent in the case. The representing attorneys, affected families and involved companies expressed differing opinions to the verdict.

"It's hard to express what we're feeling but I'll say this -- I'm so proud of the families. I'm so proud of this jury," said the Kellner's attorney, Allan Foeckler.

Dawn Kellner, mother of 15-year-old victim Jared Kellner, held back tears.

"This has been an immeasurable amounts of pain for Dawn," said Foeckler. "She fought. Jared is not here, and I'm so proud of Dawn and this jury."

Advance Cast Stone was found to be 88% responsible for Kellner's death.

"We very much feel for both families," said a representative. Adding, "certainly we are disappointed with the result. We just don't agree with it."

Representatives from Milwaukee County, which was found 2% responsible, will receive more than $6 million from ACS. They say the money they owe families won't impact taxpayers, noting that it's covered by the county's insurance policy.