Butterball Turkey Talk Line will answer your turkey questions

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One week from today people everywhere will be in their kitchens cooking up a holiday feast. And lets face it, preparing a Thanksgiving meal isn't easy. But there's people waiting to help out with any turkey day emergency. The experts at the Butterball Turkey Talk Line join FOX6 WakeUp with all the details.

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  • Janice Eckert

    I sure hope you get this reply. What happened to “Butterball”? I have bought no other turkey for many years and they have been wonderful except for this year. The breast meat was “tough”. I always baste, baste and baste throughout the cooking process. It was a 13 pound turkey. Has “Butterball” sold to another company? I seriously may never buy another Butterball turkey. I believe I saw “natural” on the label, not real sure of that. Would that be why the breast meat was tough? and even if it is, change it back to where it was. I am not happy

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