Greenfield officers go above and beyond to help elderly woman

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GREENFIELD (WITI) -- Some Greenfield police officers are being recommended for a service award after going above and beyond the call of duty for an elderly woman over the weekend.

"We found that the 93-year-old mother was being neglected by her son," said Lt. Pat Martin.

Martin received a call over the weekend when a neighbor heard a 70-year-old man being verbally abusive toward his elderly mother.

"Her son had issues we've had to deal with in the past and probably needs help taking care of himself," explained responding officer Lisa Dziedzic.

When three officers arrived at the home, no one answered the door. Officials say the son attempted to hide his mother, while both residents denied that there had been any altercation.

Officers ended up arresting the man in the home.

"She was very upset that we took him into custody. She didn't want him arrested. I think he's probably the only person in her life," said responding officer Jennifer Gain.

While officers were completing paperwork, they noticed the elderly woman looked as though she hadn't eaten in a number of days. Dziedzic cooked the woman a meal.

The next day, officers Dziedzic and Gain returned to the woman's home to offer further assistance.

"I took out her garbage and she needed a couple of things from the grocery store," said Dziedzic. "We checked in with her a couple of times. She's very thankful and was excited to see us and wanted to sit and chit-chat for a while, so we did that."

The officers say although it isn't a normal part of their job, they simply felt it was the right thing to do for a woman in need.

"We do care and we do take it upon ourselves to take care of people. We try," said Gain.

The officers used their own money when buying food and personal care products for the woman. Greenfield police continue to follow-up with the resident and are working to find her long-term care.

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