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Milwaukee man accused of sexually assaulting four women

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 22-year-old Isaiah Jordan of Milwaukee is facing multiple charges for allegedly sexually assaulting four different women on separate dates. The charges include kidnapping, first-degree sexual assault (use of a dangerous weapon) and second-degree sexual assault.

Isaiah Jordan

Isaiah Jordan

According to a criminal complaint, Jordan approached a woman near 19th and Burleigh on July 2nd. The complaint says Jordan offered to give her a ride home "since she looked cold." The woman accepted -- and after giving Jordan her address, the complaint says Jordan pulled over "into an alley" a short time later -- and then sexually assaulted the woman. The complaint says Jordan then took the woman home.

The criminal complaint against Jordan indicates the second incident happened on September 13th. The complaint says Jordan pulled up next to a woman near 25th and Cherry and grabbed her by her backpack, pulling her into his car. The complaint alleges Jordan then raped the woman who was eventually able to jump out of the car and get away.

In a criminal complaint from October, one woman says she spotted the man in church, and a church workers identified Jordan as a youth minister for the Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church.

If convicted, Jordan faces up to 60 years in prison. He's due back in court on Thursday, December 12th.

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  • anonymous

    I had contact with this individual and he continued to pressure me to come into his residence which I declined. I am glad I declined. God bless the women who were harmed by this man.

  • shea

    N my heart I don’t believe this to be true. I believe there is someone who looks like Isaiah . I’ve watch him grow from high school to very pleasant young man.furthermore he was not that interested….
    DNA n prayer will prove it.
    I’m not a family member I’ve watched in .this is not his character.he stayed around my daughter n loved her n her friends not once had he harmed anyone . I don’t believe this to be true.

  • Ami

    As a friend I cant believe that he would do this. My heart sunk when I heard this news. It is still unreal to me. Was he truly living a double life, like Johnny Depp in Secret Window?

    He was my “Prayer Warrior” in church. My inspiration/motivation. He had so many great things going for him and now all of that is gone.

    I remember him giving me a ride home from work. I could have been a victim!!! That’s crazy!!!!

    I would always hear people say that you never fully know a person, but I didn’t fully understand it until now…

    My heart not only goes out to him and his family but to the victims and their families as well!

    (I’m honestly hoping that the wrong person was accused and that he isn’t guilty of this crime. That is my prayer. In Jesus’ name, Amen)

  • S.

    I have personally worked with Isaiah. I would watch him try to pick up women while helping them pay for their purchase. It wouldnt surprise me if there are more then four women out there. This is disgusting but I am not surprised. Hopefully he gets what he deserves.

    • J

      I also worked with him a short time. He was extremely sexual and aggressive. He was always offering women a ride home. He never acted minister like at all to me. I wouldn’t be surprised either if there are more victims. Very unfortunate.

  • sister

    I am really hoping we are not taking someones kindness and turning it around. That is diffently him to hold the door open. I can hear him saying . oh madam let me hold that door for you, Let me help u with those bags. You need a ride, People there are nice people like that, Old fashion. again I can also see him helping someone in the rain. NOw woman know to not get in car with strangers. These are not children they are saying he hurt. These are grown woman..Grown woman gettin in a car with a handsome man…. Go figure. . Hey, the young lady that said you could have been one of his victims, you werent a victim, dont forget who this man is to you, Im not believing this at all, I am hoping these woman are not upset at him because maybe they thought it would be more. I dont see this in his character, I see a know a helpful young man . aggressive he could be if you come at him the wrong way, maybe even insulating his kindness,

    • missamai

      The guy I know is smart, kind…a true gentleman. I know in my heart that he didn’t do it but something seems suspicious to me. Four women saying it’s him. Either he did or they got something out for him. Idk. I’m really worried about him though. Wish I could talk to him….see what’s going on in his head right now…smh…

  • anonymous

    Its stating only 3 assults total, not saying that this may not have happened, but for those whom need to watch their back needs specifics, not what is going to sell or get readers attention. Don’t juice it up, society already has enough trouble and problems. State facts not opions i don’t care random car hoping is suspicious especially if STRANGER DANGER WAS STILL IN AFFECT !!!!!!!

  • latanya

    this guy pursued me very heavily on facebook which is normal but there was something very strange about him he was a little too nice and the extra pressure he put on me to “hook up” im glad his kind words did not lure me to him i feel real bad for his victims

  • messmer student c/o 2012

    Known this man since MESSMER HIGH SCHOOL…always acted holy and sanctified one minute, then the next minute would make sexual comments and never could keep his hands to himself…. always use to touch the student females inappropriately…. I was one but I made sure it was an end to that…I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true. Always was something weird about him.! .

  • uoneo

    I knew him in college cardinal stritch…and he used to come in the beauty shop where I Worked all the Time but he never got any service just acted like he knew everybody… He always seemed so fake to me. I don’t put it past him. How embarrassing.

  • AT

    I don’t know this man and even if I did I wouldn’t judge him because that’s God’s job. My heart goes out to all parties involved. God is a great and just God, so the truth will come to light. I pray that people will not allow this situation to influence their relationship with God.

  • stritch

    also knew this man from cardinal stritch. he was constantly bringing back different women to his dorm room. wouldnt be surprised if there are a lot more out there. he was nice enough to the guys but you could tell FOR SURE that there was always something a little off about the guy. my heart goes out to him, his family, and all his victims. there is a lot of healing to be done

  • didnt even know it

    I knew him as the ” littel preacher” when he was growing up, now to learn of this news is a shock to me.

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