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Seven-year-old boy suffers severe injury in Racine dog attack

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RACINE (WITI) — Racine police say a child and his mother were injured after they were bitten by a dog on Friday, November 22nd.

Police say they were dispatched to a home in the 2800 block of 16th Street around 5:00 p.m. Friday.

Police say a seven-year-old boy was playing with his cousin, and the noise of their playing reportedly upset a dog — and the dog attacked the boy.

The boy’s mother and a man at the home pulled the dog off the child, and the boy’s mother received a puncture wound to her hand.

The boy suffered severe damage to his right forearm. He was eventually transferred to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee.

The dog, a female red nose pit bull was unlicensed and unvaccinated. The dog’s owner, a 50-year-old Racine resident was cited for the violations and issued a 10-day veterinarian quarantine order.

The boy and his mother were visiting the home at the time of the attack, according to police.


  • Vegas Gal

    Its stupid things like this that give pit bulls a bad rep. Unlicensed and unvaccinated? Stupid is as stupid does! Here’s hoping the little boy will have a quick recovery period.

  • Snarky Dog

    they deserve a bad rep . pit is as pit does , i like to say . licence and rabies dont stop em acting like pitbulls . even if he does recover it still should not have happened .

  • Tonya Pomietlo

    How come we never see coverage when a Chihuahua or Daschund bites someone? They sensationalize these stories to keep people foaming at the mouth about pits. There is NO such bread as a bit bull people, pull your head out of your butt. ANY dog is capable of these behaviors when the owners don’t train them. It’s not just pits.

    • michelle

      The difference is when a chihuaha or a daschund bite someone, you have a PRETTY good chance of walking away almost 100% unscaved. With a pit bull your lucky to walk out alive. I am all for people owning pitbulls, i have encountered MANY that are amazing dogs. But they are KNOWN to not do well with children and they need to be trained more diligently than most breed because of the reasoning they were breed to being with. Dont punish the dogs, punish the owners.

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