Black Friday deals cause chaos at Walmart in North Carolina

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ELKIN, NORTH CAROLINA (WITI) — Black Friday deals cause chaos at one Walmart in Elkin, North Carolina. A YouTube video posted on Thanksgiving shows a group of people fighting over TVs. The man who posted the video says he was kicked out of the store for recording the incident.



  • Cindy

    The worst part is that most of these people probably aren’t even buying the TVs for themselves – they “buy cheap” and then go sell them on eBay for a profit.

  • Michael Meyer

    This guy heard the cry of his wife/girlfriend who somehow ended up getting piled on as he walked away with the TV right in the beginning. He rushed in and began furiously pulling people off of her and lifted her up. She is a short blonde woman in the video, she is with him as they begin to walk away.

  • Sandy

    Seems to me that the guy was only going to help the blond women. Listen closley & you can hear him ask her “are you alright” & she is obviously yelling at someone when he pulls her away to the other register.

  • Santa

    Oh Ya, how nice. I thought the Christmas season was about love and goodness. How were these people raised? And the Cops do nothing? Wonderful. Merry Christmas everyone!!

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