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Man from WI helping to lead efforts to monitor firearms in U.S.

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CEDARBURG (WITI) -- There is a push within the United Nations to improve the monitoring of firearms in America. A Wisconsin man is helping to lead these efforts -- but some here in the Dairy State are critical of the plan.

"Nobody wants anyone shot in Milwaukee. No one does," Dr. Stephen Hargarten with the Medical College of Wisconsin said.

Dr. Hargarten is just back from a United Nations meeting on gun safety.

"Many member nations are very concerned and interested in how the global community can better mark and trace (firearms)," Dr. Hargarten said.

Dr. Hargarten was invited to speak at the meeting due to his background with global health issues and injury prevention methods. He says there's a push by the U.N. to include uniform marking and tracing of small firearms sold in the United States using laser technology.

Similar to an automobile's VIN, or vehicle identification number, these new permanent markings could eventually aid law enforcement.

"Have a better idea about how these products end up in illicit hands," Dr. Hargarten said.

While Dr. Hargarten believes tracing would reduce those occurrences, gun rights supporters believe it could hinder their freedoms.

"The bad guys and the criminals don`t care.  They aren`t going to follow any laws anyway.  So it doesn`t make any difference to them what the laws are.  Gun laws only impact the good guys," Jim Fendry, the Director of the Wisconsin Pro-Gun Movement said.

Fendry says gun tracking has been in use for hundreds of years.

"All guns already have the equivalent of VINs. We call them serial numbers.  And they`ve had them since the 1800s," Fendry said.

Dr. Hargarten argues serial numbers can be removed, and more needs to be done.

Fendry believes new tracking systems could cost the country trillions of dollars.

"It`s a clear violation of not only our second amendment rights but also our Wisconsin constitution," Fendry said.

The proposal is still being debated in the U.N., and would need to be taken up in the Legislature before becoming law.

Dr. Hargarten says the new technology could help police departments like Milwaukee's to track and monitor crimes.


  • steveH

    NO gun has EVER injured, or killed ANYONE!! EVER! It is simply not possible!! Guns are TOOLS. used correctly they SAVE LIVES!
    Yes, there are a FEW that use them improperly. We have HUNDREDS of laws to cover that! ENFORCE THEM!

    NEVER give our sovereignty up to a CORRUPT organization like
    the U.N.!

    • John S

      Let me start by saying I’m a gun owner and pro gun rights. With that being said I agree guns are tools. However they’re tools of destruction. They are designed to destroy whether it is paper targets, animals or human beings. They can save lives and end then just as easily. And i agree the laws that are in place should be enforced. But the only way they can be enforced is to get rid of the loopholes that groups like the NRA fight for.

      • Sven

        Such as……? What loopholes, fought for by the NRA, are preventing existing laws from being enforced? What did the NRA do that prevents only a handful of people from being prosecuted for lying on gun background check forms? What other laws aren’t being enforced, and how is the NRA responsible? I’d really like to hear about this. People who make claims without any evidence or examples need to be called on the carpet.

      • BHirsh

        Uh-huh. Sheeeyeah.

        “I support the Second Amendment BUT…..”

        Save it. We’ve heard it before, and no one’s buying.

  • Gary W. Stolzenburg

    Well, here we go again. Still trying to demonize guns-when are you guys going to wise up and understand we have the right to defend ourselves with GUNS??? Your so-called doctor is a tool of the U.N. A real doctor understands that guns save lives. The U.N. wants our guns.You know why? To destroy opposition to the ruling class. Grow up! The second amendment was put in place to keep our government from treating us as subjects instead of citizens. ALL guns these days have serial numbers-the equivalent of a v.i.n. They are etched with a laser on most guns.
    READ the book by John Lott, “More Guns, Less Crime.” That is if you guys know how to read. This is a college level text.
    If you really are interested in the truth, you will interview people from the NRA, John Lott, Nik Clark from Wisconsin Carry, and Tim Schmidt from the United States Concealed Carry Association(USCCA).
    I have taken Channel 6 out of our tv channel lineup at home. Sad to say my wife can still watch your propaganda outlet by manually overriding my programming.
    I will not personally ever intentionally watch your station ever again until you make it a number one priority to tell the truth. I will not hold my breath.

    • jim beam

      Amen brother, Maybe this Commie doctor should go to China or North Korea if he has a problem with the Constitution! All this B.S. about gun Id is just a smokescreen for REGISTRATION! We know where that leads. If the U.N. wants to track something, why don’t they start with Holder and the guns he sent to Mexican drug lords, Fast and Furious
      anyone? By the way, we know how well gun control is working in Chicago, right?

  • BHirsh

    BURN the witch!!!


    “[T]here’s a push by the U.N. to include uniform marking and tracing of small firearms sold in the United States using laser technology.”

    Thereby giving the lie that this treaty is only about the illicit international movement of firearms, and will have no effect on our domestic firearms rights.

    A gun registry is unconstitutional, because it is a key component of systematic confiscation.

    And the SCOTUS has already held that no treaty can undermine or negate fundamental rights enshrined in our Constitution.

    The treaty’s being a non-starter in the Senate is a good thing, but it’s not protection enough – the executive branch can implement through regulations and rules a whole trainload of mischief even if the treaty is not ratified.

    Keep screaming ’til the rafters ring with your outrage, people. These autocrats are not going to disappear soon, and probably not ever.

  • TexTopCat

    “Let me start by saying I’m a gun owner and pro gun rights.” this statement is not consistent with the rest of your post. So, which part is a lie?
    The UN has no say period. Gun registry is illegal so any tracking is also illegal, even the “proxy tracking” caused by NICS background checks. We just need to fight against all attempts to allow government the ability to confiscate our guns.

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