Man charged in connection with hit-and-run that killed toddler

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) --  A 24-year-old Milwaukee man has been charged in connection with a fatal hit-and-run crash that occurred near S. 6th Street at W. Hayes on Wednesday evening, November 27th. An 18-month-old girl died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash.

Thomas Walker is facing one count of hit-and-run, resulting in death, one count of knowingly operating a vehicle while suspended and one count of hit-and-run, injury. Walker is accused of driving the rental truck that struck two pedestrians crossing S. 6th Street at W. Hayes.

Milwaukee police were called to the scene just before 4:30 p.m. Officials say 21-year-old Cheyenne Jackson and 18-month-old Erieanna Matousek were both struck by the rental truck. Walker fled the scene.

Police say the toddler was in her mother’s arms at the time of the accident. The two were walking westbound across S. 6th Street in a crosswalk when a rental truck turned southbound onto S. 6th Street from Hayes, striking the mother and child.

Milwaukee police found Walker in the crawl space of a home on Milwaukee’s north side late Thursday evening, November 28th.

According to the criminal complaint, Walker told police he was unaware that he hit anyone, claiming he didn't hear or feel anything collide with the rental truck -- even though a man who followed him told him he had caused an accident.

The complaint says Walker was convinced by watching a report on the news -- and he then slumped over and began crying.

Walker was in court on Tuesday, December 3rd, where he was tearful throughout the proceeding.

Brad Matousek, Erieanna’s father was in court on Tuesday.

"Just wanted to come in and see what he's gonna get man. Hopefully he gets what he gets," Matousek said.

Walker's cousin was also in court.

"I mourn for, you know, the loss of the baby and the mother and the rest of the family because I have a 16-month-old myself. But I still love him. I do and I'm going to support him," Walker's cousin said.

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    • Vegas Gal

      WOW – that’s very rude and makes you look extremely narrow minded. The focus of this story is that a toddler lost her life; it is NOT about who was driving on what side of town.

  • Brandy clincy

    That’s my babies father and accidents to happen and he was very scared Amd very sorry about what happened he is a good person and has never hurt anyone let alone a child so please have a heart because you all don’t knoww him

  • sandra g

    He shouldn’t of ran, it would have been easier to stop and assist with help, scared or not charges wouldn’t of been that harsh but he just made it worse on himself. I feel for him too , it was an accident, but he made it into a crime. :(

  • Gary D. Hamilton

    Put the idiot away, driving while license suspended is breaking the law. Causing someones death and trying to get away with it is a terrible sin. He shod have stopped right away we all make mistakes but running someone over and leaving them to die instead of trying to help is terrible. I pray for the babies family at this time of year and hear poor mother who may be traumatised for the rest of her life.

  • J S

    The idiot who posted the comment asking why is he on that side of town highlights that racism is still alive and well.
    It’s hard to have sympathy for him after he ran, came to terms with the fact he hit someone and still did not turn himself in. Sad situation. An innocent child died and she cannot be brought back to life. He still has life.

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