Video released showing rescue of man trapped underwater for 3 days

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(CNN) -- It was a miraculous story of survival. A man was trapped for almost three days underwater after his tugboat sank. Now, video of the rescue has surfaced.

When the tugboat capsized in the ocean off the coast of Africa, it was thought a dozen men drowned -- so imagine what a rescue diver thought when he felt a hand grab him.

The video shows the astonished reaction of the diver and the supervisor on the surface.

"He said it was one of the most terrifying moments underwater. Just reassure him, pat him on the shoulder," Jed Chamberlain with Diver Support Team, DCN Global said.

Diver met survivor as the rescuer surfaced in an air pocket. 29-year-old Harrison Okene had been underwater for two-and-a-half days!

Okene was in the toilet when the tugboat capsized. The tugboat went down really fast -- leaving Okene trapped in a four-square-foot air pocket.

The tugboat came to a rest upside down, 100 feet below the surface. It was pitch black, and Okene's skin was beginning to peel.

The video shows rescuers speaking with Okene.

"You must not panic. You must listen to me alright? I'm gonna bring you home, and the diver helping you now is Nico," the rescuers said.

There was even a moment of dark humor when Okene told rescuers he was the cook.

"You're the cook? They always survive," the rescuers said.

"He was exceptionally calm, exceptionally calm," Chamberlain said.

It took a little less than half-an-hour to get them from the tugboat to the surface.

The incident happened back in May, but only now has the video surfaced, accompanied by what at first seems like incongruous music -- which is actually a theme from "The Great Escape."

Harrison spent the two days after his rescue in a decompression chamber. He returned to Nigeria in good shape.