State Trooper helps reunite dog with family after massive crash on 41/45 Sunday

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GERMANTOWN (WITI) — FOX6 News has learned the Wisconsin State Patrol helped to reunited a missing dog with its family — following a massive crash Sunday on U.S. 41/45 SB.

Trooper Joan German investigated a crash on U.S. 41 at County Q in Menomonee Falls in which a driver was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The trooper took possession of the driver’s dog and secured it at the Germantown Police Department. She then contacted the victim’s son to tell him where to pick up the dog.

“Dogs, you mean,” said the owner’s son. “My dad had two dogs in the car.”

Trooper German contacted the tow company staff, and they looked in the car but didn’t see a second dog.

She contacted the son again.

He told her that the last time his dad saw the dog, a 15-year-old pug, it had been on the right front floor, peeking out from beneath the deployed airbag.

The tow company checked a second time, and found the dog still hiding under the airbag. It was scared but none the worse for the experience. The dog was happily reunited with its family.

“It was breaking my heart thinking that this dog was missing,” said Trooper German. “He probably would not have survived the night in the car. It was a tremendous relief.”


  • jane smith

    To Trooper German, Thank You!…for your care and concern for both of the owner’s dogs. If you wouldn’t have followed through by calling the son, no one would have known there was a second dog still in the car. Plus, because you didn’t give up on the situation, you “saved” that little pug from freezing to death, especially considering the dog’s age. God bless you! You are awesome!

  • Brian Papenfuss

    Officer German, I know that I thanked you on the phone, but I was so happy that a friend showed me this article after I got home from the hospital tonight. You deserve the recognition, because you really went out of your way for me when I had so much to worry about. I took both dogs to the vet today. My dad’s dog, Shania, is just fine; other than missing her dad as he recovers. Pugslee has a bruised lower jaw, but no loose teeth or other issues. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

  • Sandra Freund

    To all the people involved in saving these dogs—bravo—to the family for telling Officer German (what a wonderful person she is) to the tow truck people who checked and rechecked–and to the animals for being safe—from the bottom of all our hearts—this story was so meaningful–we care for our animals as they are family—thank you–tears are streaming down my face–I would not have given up either—and the Beagle the officer around Germantown found after being out all night–for her family—Christmas miracles abound—thanks you so much!!!

  • Tom Waldschmidt

    I have known Trooper German for many years and can affirm that this was typical of her performance and dedication in law enforcement.

  • Jeff Roskopf

    Glad to see that every thing turned out , When we went and looked the second time the Only way Geri found the Little thing it was whimpering and she looked under the dash and the air bag it was all curled up in a ball and shivering .the dozen or so people in the office from crashes off the Highway kept it company till he was retrieved.

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